Dash Text Also Available in Italy

Dash Text: The easiest way to send Dash with SMS

Recently also available in Italy Even in the absence of Internet coverage!

According to data from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), currently around 193,000 SMS are invited every second, in 2011 alone more than 7 billion messages were invited from people all over the world.

Nowadays, a large percentage of the world population owns a device and text messaging continues to be one of the most functional features of cell phones, over the phone by the age of the users. In fact, there are companies that provide this service, betting on the simplicity of sending an SMS.

Since the 1990s, phone companies have incorporated the text messaging option into devices that previously only had the ability to call. In the 21st century, smartphones are starting to dominate the market thanks to the different and numerous technological advances that have been the telephone century, but there is a large slice of the world population that does not have a latest generation, or lives in areas with little or no coverage of Internet band. Dash Text makes it possible to break down this limitation, making it available for everyone to access instant payments also via SMS, and at ZERO commissions *

* The cost of the SMS is applied by the SMS service provider and varies according to the country

How does it work

Activating your Wallet is extremely simple, the sending or receiving and Dash commissions are zero to ZERO. Below is a brief extract of the activation procedures, for more details refer to the official DASH TEXT website.

It is recommended to use Dash Text only to send and receive Dash and not as a Wallet where to keep important sums.