Byoblu equal to Dash

DashNewsItalia does not receive any subsidy from the Dash DAO.
All initiatives, including Rain and Tips,
they come from the generous support of the whole community.
Dash News Italia believes in freedom of thought,
and defends freedom of expression:
fundamental principles
that govern the Dash Community.

In Italy, Byoblu is the exact analogue of all this…
We are happy to be able to collaborate with this magazine,
followed by more than 460000 users, who has taken an interest
in our ecosystem and therefore wants to disseminate it.
Byoblu lives thanks to the help of the whole community.
In fact, it does not receive funding from external
government agencies, and that is precisely what allows it
to carry out a free and independent disclosure.

send our acknowledgments and support to the service
offered by Byoblu (
We at the staff hope and trust in your confident support.