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We are in contact with the Dash community in Venezuela, and we have been informed that an unprecedented humanitarian crisis is taking place. In Venezuela is being reported an increasingly dramatic social situation with continuous food and electricity shortages; medicines, food and basic needs are unattainable for most of the population.

The supply of electricity and water remains limited in many states (particularly outside the Capital District), and the rationing has a negative impact on the operations of health centres. The Venezuelan health system is collapsing. Many doctors have left the country.

This, combined with the lack of medicines and equipment, has led to the suspension of activities and the closure of some hospital facilities. This is partially due to international sanctions, which do not take into account the serious consequences they are causing to this already struggling population, which is being subjugated by multiple events.

All of us who are part of the Dash International Community want to give support and a hand of hope to the brave Venezuelan people. That is why we are announcing a fundraising event managed directly by the community of Dash in Venezuela, which will in turn provide funds to humanitarian associations in the region that accept Dash as a way of income.

We trust in the proven solidarity of the great international community of Dash. Even donating a single penny can make a difference. Donations collected in Dash will be traceable and verifiable reports on their distribution will be available.

General Terms and Conditions Venezuela AID

Dash Help Venezuela and Dash Nation

As donations administrators will be obligated to the following:

A) A multi-signature Dash wallet with a static and verifiable address will be generated
and administered by Dash Help and another member from the four teams mentioned at the
bottom of this document.

B) Dash Help undertakes to verify on Venezuelan territory that the charitable associations
are valid and non-profit.

C) Dash Help will evaluate the direct administration of the Dash, or the supply of the goods
to the humanitarian organizations.


The associations that will receive the donations will have to:

  1. Keep a record of the expenses of the products purchased, whether they are medicines, food or materials. useful for the work they do.
  2. Administering food, medical clothing or means of subsistence to those in need (In the case of direct administration of goods, recipientsindicating quantity, type and price mustbe kept).
  3. Dash’s direct donation should be avoided or limited to certified and verifiable cases only. of actual necessity.
  4. In the hypothesis of fraud, waste of funds, misuse of funds, certified and verifiable reports of misconduct by associations that receive the donations, the donation will be stopped immediately.

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