Dash Incubator

Incubator was created in February 2020 by a blockchain proposal to expand and make available to the entire community the opportunity to actively collaborate on the enhancement and growth of Dash’s upcoming protocol update (code named Evolution).

Incubator aims to maximize value for the Dash network by making management and decentralization automated and productive.

Incubator was built from the ground up in a completely transparent way, from data to code. This allows everyone free access to information regarding operations, decision-making, finance and priorities, to minimize dependence on “Proposals“, streamlining and speeding up the entire evolutionary process of the whole project.


The goal of “Incubator” is to increase the active user base of the community and the whole ecosystem of Dash developers, by encouraging and supporting all the people who collaborate to innovate reliable and useful applications on Dash (DApps).

Incubator will always be managed and improved with the ethic of finding the most efficient and productive ways to return value to the entire Dash Network. This is made possible thanks to the total support from its stakeholders, who fund the activities with commitment and full transparency.


Dash Incubator is an app built on the community and it is completely open source with no corporate or commercial interest from any entity or individual.

It exists purely as a front-end of a website connected to a public back-end, managed by the Dash community. The financing and funding and all the expenses are perfectly tracked within the app itself by anyone.

All the source code is open source, published and available on Github under MIT license, all the data of the Incubator app are available in the public back-end.

There are no fixed costs, no employees or official representatives. There is no higher oversight and/or organizational body, the entire structure is composed only of users, who interact with the protocol and use the Incubator software.

The management, the strategies and the roadmaps are decided by a quorum of user administrators, members of the community with a positive reputation, embodied in the work done and contributions made.

At this early stage of launch, the owner of the Incubator proposal retains overall control of decision making, but this will be decentralized progressively, once the V1 version of the app is adequately mature to run at full capacity.


The whole Dash system aims, through Incubator, to achieve a fully decentralized, fully autonomous and automated system, where everyone can become an active part of the whole Dash ecosystem, with an ever new input of ideas and skills.

The entire documentation is available on the Application portal