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For almost 6 months we have been working at full speed, we are spreading in Italy the great technological results obtained by the magnificent world community of Dash.

We value the goals and alliances with the major players in the world of technology and blockchain finance, which the entire Dash world team has managed to achieve. We share with people, through articles, videos, social networks, our experience and skills regarding Dash Digital Cash, our united group proposes and often becomes the architect of projects, initiatives and insights with various actors and communicators in the sector, who contribute to increase the number of users day by day.

In fact it is no secret that we have managed to forge alliances and collaborations with important Italian communicators from the blockchain world, (Tiziano Tridico, Amelia Tomasicchio, Marco Cavicchioli, Marco Crotta, Giuseppe Scapola, Giorgio Pasini Ruffoni )

Below and in particular for those who do not know us or for those who already follow us, we list the social networks we manage:

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Now we have managed, thanks to the collaboration with Byoblu to have the privilege of delegating (after voting with several candidates on our Telegram channel) a spokesman (Tiziano Tridico) who will participate as an invitee in an edition of Byoblu, expressly talking about what the DASH ecosystem is, how it works and the achievements and future goals put into production.

The edition will be broadcast on the Youtube channel (Byoblu) which has 469,000 subscribers, and on the TV channel (Byoblu) broadcast in digital terrestrial. We thank you in advance for your welcome contribution.

The whole DashNewsItalia team.