Dash Vending Machine

This project was born with the need to make a now very common tool such as automated payment, simple and affordable for everyone. Exploring the net, one immediately realizes that creating an automated mechanism, especially if, as in our case, cryptocurrencies are used is not exactly simple, and the available solutions are not free domain, but managed by companies.

Historical notes and projects available online

In 2016 the Dash community commissioned a Vending Machine, but the code being linked to an old protocol version is no longer usable, for this reason our choice was immediately to point to Open Source that used external APIs and was independent of the evolution of the base code. Open source is a manifesto on shared intelligence and the ability to work freely on the source code, or matrix, of a program, with the aim of improving the program itself, since collaboration facilitates both the correction of any errors and the adaptation to different hardware needs and platforms.

How does it work

The hardware used is a phone with Android and a card with Releais available on Amazon. Principle diagram:

The code for the Phone was compiled by means of Mit App Inventor, while that of the WIFI card (code) was compiled with Visual Studio Code (Platformio) with Arduino ESP8266 libraries.

If you are happy with the work done by the Italian Community Donate Here:

The project is completely available to anyone. 
For questions or clarifications please do not 
hesitate to contact us

Special thanks for the collaboration with Alivend Baltom


  1. Dash is a cryptocurrency that continues to see growing adoption. The innovative developers behind this project have combined various proprietary technologies to create an efficient and fast network that allows users to carry out private transactions on a public blockchain, adapting it to real needs. This project is a clear example of this! So good!!

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