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Marco Crotta Dash Video

Marco Crotta is one of the most famous and followed Italian popularizers.
He works as a Blockchain programmer and developer for companies
institutions. It has one of the most followed channels in Italy where with words
simple undertakes to explain how this new technology works.
We made friends with him who immediately became passionate about the goals
achieved in Dash. For fun, we asked to make a video about Dash and Him
with great curiosity and commitment he immediately got to work.
In the video does not compare, Dash to Bitcoin but illustrates the differences,
with respect to Speed, transaction cost and technical aspects.
The video begins with a short story about how Dash was born,
and then continues, explaining that the project wants to be digital money, the video continues to talk about Governance,
technical aspects, structural objectives, technical qualities,
future expectations and safety (Chain Lock).
Marco C. very curious to explore Dash and is interested in continuing to collaborate with our community for a relaxed and constructive discussion and exchange of ideas.
Below you will find a short biography about him.